image 22 Jun 2018

Enjoy July

It’s peak summer. A time when sunny days dominate the forecast and cool nights give welcomed relief. The 4th of July gets all of our attention. It’s time for friends and family to gather, watch fireworks and grill outdoors. I know you probably want to keep your summer menu as easy as possible, so we cooked up two recipes that are perfect for impromptu gatherings.

Try the Quickie Guacamole. With a few ingredients tossed in a bowl, you can mash up a summer dip worth sharing. Of course, no chips and dip ensemble is complete without a refreshing drink. The Honeydew Cooler is a super light combination of summer fruit and ice-cold vodka.

A perfect pairing!

If your landscaping needs a rescue, you might want to consider a drought-resistant makeover. Planting native flora and foliage can save you time and money outdoors. Read the Garden section to discover why planting with water conversation in mind is a good idea.

Home repairs may not be on your summer to-do list, but now’s a good time to think about the advantages of a metal roof. Shingle, asphalt, tar and tile may be common, but metal roofs are said to last twice as long as most others. If you’re planning to keep your home for the next 10 to 20 years, it may be an investment worth making.

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