image 23 Feb 2019


Enjoy March

March is all about anticipation. Spring is coming. We can shed our heavy layers and make way for color. Prepping our gardens for hearty bulbs and fresh grass is something the whole family can enjoy.

This month’s Travel section highlights the national parks of Utah. Dry, red rock formations resemble sci-fi images of Mars or beyond. It’s a petrified land formed by weather and time. Travel with Sam Perez as he displays his images of the peaks and valleys of this great land.

If you’re looking for a spring break road trip, try Florida. Driving to Key West is the perfect way to spend a day or two. Key West is a true piece of paradise, with its never-ending summer weather, and is the ideal getaway this time of year. Artsy people, sunset festivals, and booze cruises are all hallmarks of the southernmost point in the country.

See the Travel section to plan your trip.

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