image 25 Apr 2018


Enjoy May

There's something about May that makes us all want to rejoice. The air is warmer, the days are brighter, and summer is just around the corner. May is full of potential. It beckons us to have fun and forget our cares. For most of us, May is a time to spring clean. It's a time to open the windows and welcome fresh air.

It's also Clean Air Awareness Month. Try planting a tree or adopting a new houseplant, and marking time with every inch it grows. Trees and plants not only clean the air, they provide energy efficiency benefits to homeowners. Think shade and saving on air conditioning. Read the Garden section to find out more.

May is also High Blood Pressure Awareness Month. Read the Health section to find out why this silent killer is still one of America's biggest threats.

If you want to switch to a heart-healthy diet, try the Almond-Flour Quiche recipe in this month's Eat section. Gluten-free and packed with savory brussel sprouts, this quiche turns health food into good food. The drink of the month, White Sangria, is an ode to spring and prologue to summer.

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