image 22 Oct 2018


Enjoy November

The smell of freshly baked bread triggers us all to think of home, family, and love. As the holiday season kicks into full swing, we're baking up a batch of Cranberry Walnut Date Bread, a seasonal loaf that hits all the right olfactory notes: cinnamon, molasses, walnuts – oh my! With bread in the oven, your home will smell like days of old. Welcoming, toasty and full of joy.

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To help you make it through the holidays without too much stress, we compiled a "pantry list." You know, that list of grocery staples every kitchen should stock. It’s chock full of everything you need to put together a meal like salt, pepper, chicken stock, and rice. Keep this list with you for quarterly shopping trips. You’ll never again be caught mid-recipe without these pantry essentials.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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