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Homeownership Perks

Improved educational performance, higher civic participation, lower crime rates, and greater health remain the biggest social benefits linked to homeownership. Take a look at how homeownership impacts these areas.


Homeowners and their children tend to be happier and healthier than nonowners. One reason may be the wealth building effect of homeownership and the sense of control it brings.


Research has confirmed homeowners have a lower instance of involvement in crime than nonowners.


Homeowners tend to accrue more wealth and save more money. Such financial practices are associated with lower rates of homeowners' children dropping out of school.

Civic Engagement

Homeowners remain more likely to participate in local elections and civic groups than renters.

The benefits of homeownership are evident year round. Check out some of the biggest rewards that come from owning a home.

Social Benefits of Homeownership & Stable Housing
The Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies