image 06 Nov 2017


Safety First

When selling your home, there are certain safety guidelines that should always be followed to keep yourself and others safe.


• Don't forget to take your keys, credit cards, jewelry, and other valuables from your home or lock them away

• Antique, rare, or expensive home decor items should also be put away to avoid accidental breakage, or worse, theft


• Remove prescription medications from medicine cabinets and bedside tables


• Firearms, knives (including those inside a block in a kitchen), and other weaponry should be removed from sight and locked away securely

Personal Info

• Bills, invoices, credit card statements, mail, and anything with your Social Security Number or other personal identifying information should be removed from view

• Family photos and anything labeled with names should also be put away


• Do not let strangers into your home if they do not have an appointment

• All showings should be officially scheduled in advance through either your REALTOR®, their office, or another REALTOR® who represents the buyer


• Protect yourself from a liability standpoint by making sure that your driveway and sidewalks are clear and free of ice and debris

• Make sure your pets are secured at all times

• Do everything in your power to ensure a prospecive buyer is not in danger

If something doesn't feel right, call your REALTOR® immediately. It's always best to err on the side of caution.

Showing your home to strangers is risky, but a quick security check can help prevent a home invasion during showings and open houses. Use these tips to keep your house safe from criminals while it's up for sale.