image 09 May 2018

Seller Know How

Although home prices are up, selling a home isn't always a piece of cake. Here are four tips from REALTORS® that sellers should know.

Clear the Clutter

Less is more, so pack up your non-daily essentials and put them in storage or in the garage. Let buyers see the house, not your belongings.

Don't Keep Secrets

Air condiioner broken? Got leaky faucets or water damage? Tell your REALTOR®. Don't keep secrets about your home's flaws. It could hurt your sale.

Remodeling Isn't Always Right

Remodeling may enhance a property, but not all projects guarantee a payback at resale. Choose wisely for your neighborhood.

Time to Fix It

You may have to spend a few bucks to get your home ready for sale. Clean scuff marks off the walls, replace the trim the dogs scratched up, and powerwash the algae off the vinyl siding. It may be everyday living to you, but it can be a turnoff to buyers.

It's easy to be overconfident when you sell your home in a hot market. That's great for sellers who want to close quickly, but be ready for lots of competition and bottlenecks between buyers. Keep reality in check with these easy tips.