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Stop, Thief!

The FBI reports that a burglary is committed every 20 seconds, with nearly 1.6 million such crimes nationwide annually. Follow these tips to avoid burglary, especially if your house is listed for sale.

Maintain Your Property

Keep walkways clear and remove holiday decorations and fallen tree branches in a timely manner to signal that your home is occupied.

Assess Your Home's Vulnerability

Walk to the curb and face your house. Ask yourself, "How would I get in if I were locked out?" The first thing you think of is exactly how a thief will get in.

Respect the Power of Lighting

Invest in tools that make nighttime light automation easy, such as dusk to dawn adapters that go into existing light fixtures and motion detectors.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

Use technology systems that remotely control lighting, music, and appliances such as a thermostat to make it appear like people are home, even when they are not.

Always Lock Your Doors

Yes, it has to be said. It's amazing how many people think they live in a safe enough neighborhood not to lock their doors when they leave. In 30% of burglaries, the criminals access the home though an unlocked door or windows.

Reinforce Your Locks

A good door lock is nothing without a solid frame. Invest in a solid door jam and strike plate first, and then invest in good locks.

Blare the Sirens

A burglar's biggest concern is witnesses to their crime. That's why an external siren is invaluable. Even if you don't have an alarm, it's not a bad idea to invest in fake security signs and post them near doors.

Keep in mind when burglars case a house, and use these expert tips to protect yourself while your home is listed on the market.

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