Compass x Barnes International

Portia plays a pivotal role in helping you achieve your real estate goals. She’s a comprehensive support system for you in navigating this crazy real estate market like a pro.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an experienced investor, or an individual looking to sell a property, Portia’s expertise and guidance serve as your compass through the intricate world of residential property sales.
Selling a Home
When you list your house for sale with Compass, Portia ensures you receive the best possible value for your home. She employs pricing analysis, staging techniques, and strategic marketing to attract potential buyers. Portia also acts as an intermediary during negotiations. Her keen expertise helps you navigate the complex process of closing a home sale and ensuring a smooth transition to the new owner.
Buying a Home
As a dedicated REALTOR®, Portia excels in helping you navigate the complexities of the market. She collaborates closely with you to understand your wants, needs & budget. With this valuable info in hand, she scours the market to identify all properties matching your criteria. Portia doesn’t just stop at finding a home; she guides you through the entire purchase process, from negotiations and inspections to paperwork and closing.
From finding the perfect property and negotiating repairs, to ensuring legal and financial compliance, Portia is a driving force toward your real estate success story. Her insight, expertise, and unwavering commitment to your goals are invaluable, helping you fulfill your real estate dreams.