I help people navigate this crazy real estate market like a pro.

At 18, I landed my first real estate job and aced the exam before finishing my degree. I've been supporting REALTORS® for over a decade. Now I put everything I've got into making a wise, no nonsense way to pair people with properties & professionals myself.

I know that building inspectors always find a problem. I know that drones take some of the best photos in town. And I know that my eyebrows will grow to the floor in the time it takes me to read everything that's happening with your HOA, but that doesn't mean I won't do it anyway. My mantra says you should know what a place is made of and feel good about that first. Eyebrows be damned!

You'll always need a place to unplug, connect, dream, grow, or just be yourself. That makes what I do even more meaningful. I'm ready to go the extra mile to help you find just the place. With my skills in real estate and my digital marketing background, I’ve got tons of options to get you where you want to go. So, don’t be shy. Just ask! Every great relationship starts with free advice and a friendly chat.


My Favorite Things

About Armstrong Field

I'm excited to work at one of the most successful & highly respected real estate offices in the North Shore of Massachusetts. Our company was first started by Lillienne Field in 1944 and operated until 1978. Following in the footsteps of his grandmother, our managing broker & president James Field Armstrong formed Armstrong Field Real Estate as a continuation of Field Real Estate. We generously offer the same committed service to our clients, colleagues, and community that Lillienne pioneered years ago.

We are a REALTOR® company, which means we are held to a higher standard and have more tools available to us than a non-REALTOR® office. Our stellar reputation in the marketplace is founded on a bedrock of integrity & honesty that's unmatched in the real estate industry today.

Armstrong Field is a community cornerstone in Downtown Salem, using modern tools to reach people wherever they are. Backed by veteran real estate leadership and skilled support staff, our tailor made technology helps us make things happen faster.

Unified Marketing

In an age when 90 percent of people search online, we use a mix of intuitive systems and traditional marketing items like yard signs & flyers.

Local Lingo

Our agents are tech savvy and available to communicate with you however you like. You can use our app to chat confidentially by email, phone, or text.

Tech Enabled

From surfing comparable listings to filling out paperwork, we automate each step of the process to help you find the right place and act quickly.

Well Connected

With so many steps to real estate, it's inevitable things go wrong sometimes. It's good to know that we are backed by a national network of professionals.