Selling Homes with Purpose

Portia is a full-time Compass REALTOR® who specializes in selling homes quickly, at the highest price possible, by using a well-tailored marketing plan and dedication to each listing.

She is here to help you make wise decisions during major life milestones like selling your investment property, moving out of a starter home, relocating to another area, or using real estate to boost your retirement fund.

Always tell you the truth, even if it sucks

Negotiate for your property as you wish

Find a creative solution to any hurdles

Focus on the big picture goals

Think outside of the box

Ease stress (sometimes with donuts)

When working with you on your home sale, Portia will be a positive partner who’s ready to listen and provide straightforward advice & practical support duing your real estate transaction.

Portia has a genuine desire to see your home sale goals come true, which makes her the go-to resource for all of your real estate needs.