Off-Market Property Sales

Compass Private Exclusive Services are the pinnacle of off-market property sales. We offer tailored solutions to meet your real estate needs with the utmost efficiency and discretion.

Our services cater to both sellers and buyers seeking a discreet, exclusive approach to off-market property sales. Portia represents high-profile clients, discerning Sellers, and Buyers seeking the utmost privacy and efficiency in their real estate endeavors.
Complete Confidentiality
Privacy is paramount when dealing with off-market properties. Portia understands this and goes to great lengths to maintain the utmost confidentiality. Private exclusive off-market listings are only offered by Compass agents and not advertised to the public. These transactions are carried out discreetly, so your identity and property details remain shielded from the public eye.
Curated Matchmaking
We employ a personalized matchmaking approach to pair people with properties. Portia qualifies each prospective Buyer to gague their readiness and willingness to buy. We target a suitable Buyers pool that aligns with your property to offer a highly customized and efficient property search process.
If you’re a Seller who’s looking to test the market or a Buyer on the hunt for unique homes, our Compass Private Exclusive off-market property sales services will provide a tailored solution to your specific real estate needs.