Seller Representation Services

Selling a house involves juggling many complex tasks. With Compass, you can delegate most of these chores and focus on your daily life to alleviate the stress associated with moving.

Portia helps homeowners sell their properties by delivering professional guidance, marketing prowess, and negotiation expertise. Our seller representation services can significantly enhance the success of your home sale.
Pricing Correctly
The core of our seller representation services is determining the appropriate price for your property. Portia is an expert in pricing strategy who conducts a thorough home value assessment that takes into account its location, condition, and recent sales in your area. Your property will achieve a competitive price that attracts the largest buyer pool and optimizes your return on investment.
Exquisite Marketing
Compass excels in effectively marketing your home to a wide audience. We craft enticing listing descriptions, take professional HD photos with a 3D Matterport, and render floor plans to fully showcase your home. We blend online and offline marketing, including real estate websites, social media, open houses, and real estate networks, to reach a diverse range of potential buyers.
Portia provides a stable & objective perspective to help you maintain focus on your goals and avoid potential pitfalls driven by sentiment. She understands market dynamics and can help identify the best times to list your home for sale so it stands out in a competitive market. Her expertise ensures your transaction proceeds smoothly, free from unexpected surprises.