What Defines a Green Home?

Fact Check: Green Homes

21 January 2020
Energy-efficiency, sustainability, and durability all are hallmarks of a green home. Such properties are also called high performance or eco-friendly homes.
While some homes are certified as green by housing or environmental industry groups such as LEED standards or the PEARL rating system, properties don’t necessarily have to carry a label to be considered green. What all green homes have in common is that the property incorporates smart systems and features to lower utility bills, improve health & comfort, and minimize the impact on the planet.
For existing homes, there’s a wide range of options to help you achieve better resource efficiency. These include small, inexpensive upgrades, like installing low-flow water faucets, energy efficient light bulbs, and switching to a programmable thermostat. In addition, less visible elements (such as energy-efficient insulation and air sealing or hidden HEPA filters) also help create a more comfortable, less drafty interior environment.
Bigger, more costly projects such as high-efficiency furnaces, solar panels, and triple-pane windows, often provide larger financial and environmental gains.
Newly constructed homes are being built to high standards that embrace sustainable green building practices. Many builders and contractors now take a scientific, whole-building approach to ensure that a property’s design, layout & systems work together to create a functional, comfortable setting that solves environmental concerns.
When you’re looking at a home with green features, keep an eye out to see if you can identify any of the following features:
• Energy efficiency in home features like appliances, water faucets, lighting, heating, cooling and waterheating systems
• Efficient building envelopes with high performance windows and well-insulated walls, floors, or attics
• Non-toxic building materials and finishes, such as recycled or renewable woods and low/zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paints or sealants
• A landscape featuring native plants that thrive without chemical fertilizers or excessive watering
• Location efficiency, meaning a community where public transportation and the needs of daily life are accessible without a car

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