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The Next Generation of Efficient Lighting

When you step into a hardware store, you’re faced by a wall of energy efficient lighting options. Keep these things in mind as you upgrade your light bulbs.

Tap Rebates, Save on Energy Upgrades

Don’t put off energy-efficient home upgrades just because of upfront costs. You can save by tapping into Federal, state, and local rebates or incentives.

Home Insulation & Caulking Upgrades

A drafty house and high utility bills are signs that your home could benefit from some insulation upgrades and caulking improvements.

Solar Panels: More Accessible, Less Costly

If you considered solar panels for your house but were deterred by the cost, it’s time take a second look. A Federal tax credit just sweetens the deal.

Smart Ways to Green Your Lifestyle

Living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Some minor changes can cut expenses and improve your quality of life.

What Defines a Green Home?

Energy-efficiency, sustainability, and durability all are hallmarks of a green home. Such properties are also called high performance or eco-friendly homes.