Compass Smart Signage

Compass uses standout circular metal real estate signs that feature custom lighting and sends pass-by listing alerts. Each sign acts as a geo-located digital hub, instantly connecting youa to curated listing details through the Compass real estate app.
Without the Compass app installed, the QR code will direct to a download option. You can simply use bluetooth to sync your phone and sign, allowing them to remotely display listing insights and content directly through the app.
Scanning the QR code will take a user directly to the listing page or prompt them to download the Compass Real Estate app. It displays complete listing information, such as videos, virtual reality tours, 3D floor plans, and photography.
When activated by a motion sensor, the sign illuminates with a soft, LED glow, engaging passersby within a 20-foot radius. The sign is easily installed, quickly disassembled, and seamlessly transported. The detachable stake ensures stability and ease of use.
Infusing signage with QR technology provides useful data for prospective homebuyers. Compass’ new modular real estate signs include a light ring, configurable printed sign, tech module, and various mounting solutions. This was the first modern makeover of “For Sale” signs in nearly fifty years.
Made from PVC to die-cast aluminum, the sign’s components were crafted for reliability and tested against heat, rain, wind, cold, and snow. The sign’s battery takes three hours to fully charge and stays powered for over three weeks, generating the sign’s illumination, as well as the bluetooth and beacon functionalities.
From sign to signal, Compass real estate signs are a battery-powered portal into your listing. It’s a recognizable beacon from afar and delivers a distinctive experience. Whether your listing is located in a city or a suburb, the Compass signage design allows it to effectively accommodate its surroundings, from single-family front-lawns to high-rise apartment building windows.